Polish Business and Innovation Centers Association in Poland was established in autumn 1992 year.

In PBICA there act over 200 individual members and supporting members, which are represent innovation and entrepreneurship centers as well as other institutions operating in the field of entrepreneurship promotion and regional development.

The Association functions as a coordinating and inspiring network for people and organizations supporting widely understood entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development.

The Association is in permanent working contact with over 800 innovation and entrepreneurship centers, including the strong majority of parks and technology incubators, technology transfer centers, business incubators, loan funds, training and consultancy centers.

The activity of PBICA reaches far behind the borders of our country. The Association and its members participate in the works of a lot of international organizations supporting development of entrepreneurship and institutions connected with business.


SOOIPP own projects

Database of companies in Polish technology parks and incubators The main objective of this activity is to undertake actions for activation of academic entrepreneurship through constant monitoring of the condition and structure of the tenants of Science and Technology Parks in Poland with special reference to spin-offs and spin-outs. With the use of a designed database of companies in the Parks, the initiator of the project wants to increase effectiveness of establishing new innovative businesses and conducting knowledge transfer and commercialisation to the so called high-tech spin-offs. InnoFirma - Park Eagles The „Park Eagles” competition is aimed at new Polish companies which are headquartered on the campuses of the Technology Parks and Business Incubators. The contest is addressed to companies located in Polish Parks and Incubators, which have the highest innovation potential and capability of functioning in international markets.

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